Image Vevey - Heidi.News Prize

I am pleased to be able to share the news that I am the recipient of the Images Vevey - Heidi.News prize. The award will help fund a new body of work.

“The jury unanimously wished to recognize Jack Latham as an exciting voice in contemporary documentary practice. This Prize – Reportage is an opportunity to launch a new project for this photographer, who uses methodical research as a foundation for his practice. He has already proven to be skilled at revealing the hidden structures and systems that shape our lives in his prior projects, Sugar Paper Theories and Parliament of Owls. This new proposal, Beggar’s Honey, will examine the emergence of “Click Factories” that have popped up throughout Eastern Europe and Asia in secret warehouses in which thousands of phones are programmed to influence public opinion by aggregating “likes” and “comments”. An issue considered to be a significant and very real part of the “fake news” crisis.”